Improve Accounts Receivable Management without Hiring Additional Staff

 Here is the scenario: You’re a successful company with a growing business and an expanding client list- that is great! But you are having trouble with your Accounts Receivable Management; your accounts receivable turnover is low, you are understaffed and are not ready to commit to hiring new employees, your DSO is nothing to be proud of, and you are having cash flow trouble because you just cannot get customers to pay you on time…this is not so great. You are not alone.  Many companies find themselves in the exact same position.

The problem always is time. Continue reading

Improve Your Bottom Line with A/R Automation Software

Businesses that extend credit to their customers incur operating costs as a result. This A/R Automationincludes billing and collection expenses as well as the cost of the working capital needed to finance the receivables while they sit on your books and not in your bank account. According to industry analysts PayStream Advisors, companies that deploy A/R Automation software like  Anytime Collect ( often realize the following: Continue reading