Improve Accounts Receivable Management Through Automated Communications

Capitalizing on your accounts receivable, arguably your most important asset, requires full-time attention that many companies cannot give it due to a lack of internal resources devoted to making sure receivables manaement is being done right. Regular communication is key to collecting an invoice on time. But companies who do not have a receivable management team have a hard time balancing regular communications and their other job responsibilities so those AR emails, phone calls, reminders, and other communications usually get pushed down to the bottom of the ‘ to do ‘ list. Continue reading

AR Management : set yourself up for success.

There is no way to make AR Management a walk in the park, it’s a tough job but there are ways you can make the process much faster and easier and there are steps you can take that will help avoid late payment from the beginning. This blog will discuss the problems often found with manual AR management as well as discuss steps that can be taken to encourage timely payment from the start. By setting yourself up to succeed you can get paid faster without having to work harder or hire additional staff. Continue reading

Traffic Maintenance Company Implements Anytime Collect for Better AR Management

A leading family-owned traffic maintenance company in Texas, N-LINE traffic, recently made the decision to implement Anytime Collect for better AR management. The company’s goal was to  replace their manual AR management processes and improve them with a solution that could work alongside their QuickBooks system to give them increased visibility, better control, and automation of their accounts receivable activites. Continue reading

AR Management Advice

AR management or, accounts receivable management, can involve many different things and it’s paramount to the health of any organization to have a plan for Accounts receivable management in place. After all, most companies invest heavily to maintain their machinery and facilities and to keep reward their employees but very few realize the importance of maintaining healthy accounts receivable management. Continue reading

New Features for Anytime Collect Credit and Collections Managament Software Announced

Chardon, Ohio, July 30, 2013e2b anytime apps, a division of e2b teknologies, recently announced the latest release of its Anytime Collect accounts receivable credit and collections management software with new features to help businesses manage cash applications and customer account assignment to credit and collections representatives.

“A number of our larger customers have been asking for more information within Anytime Collect for cash applications made within their ERP accounting software,” said Anytime Collect Product Manager Darlene Hetman. “This release includes more information about the cash application so users can clearly see the effects of cash applications and credit memos applied to specific invoices.” Continue reading

A/R Management : How To Transform Your Business & Improve Cash Flow Through Effective Credit & Collections Management

A/R Management: How To Transform Your Business & Improve Cash Flow Through Effective Credit & Collections ManagementA/R Management

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A/R is usually the largest or second largest asset in a company, and A/R Management activities are usually done inefficiently or ineffectively due having too Continue reading