Don’t Make These 6 Mistakes With Your B2B eCommerce Solution

As with any other piece of business software, success with your b2b ecommerce platform comes from doing more than simply buying it.  Success is dependent on many things from selecting the proper solution, all the way through project planning, implementation, training, and how you manage your b2b ecommerce strategy in the future. Here are some of the common mistakes companies make that keep them from seeing success in their ecommerce investment. Continue reading

Maximizing The Return on Your B2B eCommerce Solution

What does the world’s largest privately held manufacturer of inboard marine engines have in common with an industry leading distributor of funeral products and a manufacturer of water purification equipment?

They are all using B2B ecommerce to sell their products and services online and each one has their own unique business requirements that could not be met with out of the box ecommerce solutions designed for consumer sales.  Continue reading

Your B2B ecommerce Solution: Build or Buy?

If you are shopping for a B2B ecommerce solution, you might be asking youself, “why don’t we just build it ourselves?” and at first this seems like a great idea! I myself am a DIY enthusiast but through many failed attempts at DIY projects around my house,I have come to realize that not all things are meant to be done by yourself… Continue reading