You Dont Have B2B Ecommerce? Study Shows Your Customers Will Likely Dump You

b2b ecommerceIf you are considering switching to a new b2b ecommerce platform or if you are still on the fence about incorporating  b2b ecommerce into your strategy, it is time to start making moves so you can remain competitive and avoid being dumped by your customers in 2014. Continue reading

Business to Business Ecommerce White Paper Provides Advice for Manufacturers & Distributors Ready to Sell Online

business to business ecommerceB2B ecommerce is nothing new, but in recent years it has become a hot topic in the business software world.Our new white paper, “Everything You Need to Know about Buying B2B ecommerce for Manufacturers & Distributors” covers some of the most important topics to consider while evaluating your Business to business ecommerce options. Continue reading

Getting your customers online:Business to business ecommerce best practices to increase customer adoption

business to business ecommerceYou made the choice to jump on the business to business ecommerce bandwagon and now have a B2B website…but your customers are not using it! Don’t worry- they will. You just need to make sure you are making the experience fast, easy, and attractive.  There are many things you can do to make your b2b ecommerce storefront a place your customers WANT to be. Here are a few ways to make their experience one they will want o have over and over again. Continue reading

Business to Business eCommerce – Why Bother?

As a business, you are seeing a TON of information out there from us and from other software professionals about business to business ecommerce including Statistics, best practices, infographics, white papers…that is all great information. But what if are a little late to the game and are just wondering why you should bother with Business to Business ecommerce- What can it do for your company?

Well it can do a number of great things; but let’s keep it simple. Here are the top five reasons you should bother with Business to Business ecommerce: Continue reading

Business-to-Business eCommerce VS. Business-to-Consumer eCommerce: What’s The difference?

There are many similarities between Business-to-Business eCommerce and Business-to-Consumer storefront software. In fact, the similarities are growing as more Business-to-Business eCommerce providers integrate sales and marketing strategies common in the consumer commerce world. However, there are still some key differences between business to consumer ecommerce and Business-to-Business eCommerce that companies must understand when evaluating ecommerce storefront applications. Continue reading

Business to Business eCommerce Order Fulfillment

Business to Business eCommerce Order Fulfillmentbusiness to business ecommerce

It is very common for many consumer ecommerce sites to utilize a third party for order fulfillment. Many of these sites are simply marketing companies who place orders with their suppliers who drop-shop directly to the consumer or sites that outsource their order fulfillment to a contracted order fulfillment house who manages their inventory. Business to Business eCommerce sites do things a bit differently. Continue reading

B2B eCommerce vs. B2C eCommerce: Things to consider when evaluating ecommerce storefront applications

There are many similarities between Business to Business eCommerce and B2C storefront software. In fact, the similarities are growing as more business to business ecommerce providers integrate sales and marketing strategies common in the consumer commerce world. For example, very few businesses considered investing in search engine optimization or social media marketing to promote their business to business ecommerce sites but these strategies are becoming more and more popular ways to find new customers and to engage existing customers.

business to business ecommerce

Continue reading

eCommerce White Paper by e2b teknologies Helps Companies Evaluate Business to Business eCommerce Software

Chardon, OH (PRWEB) May 07, 2013

e2b teknologies, developers of Anytime Commerce, recently published “13 Reasons Why B2B eCommerce Storefronts Are Different Than B2C,” a new white paper to help business to business companies evaluate B2B shopping carts and business to business ecommerce storefront software. Continue reading

Business to Business eCommerce White Paper

Until recently, eCommerce has been used primarly by B2C’s but today Business to business eCommerce is among the largest growing segments in the marketplace. So as a B2B you should be asking- how do I Join in? What kind of storefront do I need? Is there a difference between B2B and B2C ecommerce software?

The white paper “13 Reasons Why B2B ecommerce Storefronts Are Different than B2C” answers all of those questions and serves as a comprehensive guide for businesses evaluating B2B Shopping Carts & B2B Storefront Software including insights on: Continue reading