Wave Goodbye to A/R Collections Disputes: Getting Started

If you extend credit terms to business customers you’ll inevitably end up with plenty of reasons why customers can’t or won’t pay you on time, but there are a number of things you can do to cut down on the amount of disputes your A/R collections team deals with.

Any and all customer communication should be friendly in nature. Take the standpoint that the customer is innocent until proven guilty. Even if it’s their fault, kill them with kindness, and they’ll know that you’re there to work with them to resolve the issue. It takes a long time to convert a prospect to a customer, and most customers are good customers – especially when you build a mutually-beneficial relationship with them. Continue reading

Bill Baker joins e2b as the New VP of Sales for Enterprise and OEM Business Development For Anytime Collect Credit and Collections Management Software Practice

Chardon, OH, January 28, 2014 – e2b teknologies recently published an official press release announcing Bill Baker as the new VP of Sales for Enterprise and OEM business development for the company’s flagship product, Anytime Collect credit and collections management software. Bill brings to this new positions, 27 years of sales and sales management experience, 17 of which has been spent in SMB and enterprise level software. Continue reading

Setting Appropriate Goals for Credit and Collections Management

Too often we see businesses that are focused on the cash aspect of their credit and collections management. While cash is important, it’s simply the result of effectively managing your accounts receivable credit and collections process. As such, your goals should not be based on cash improvements but rather, on improvements in your invoicing and customer communications plan and process. If you set the right goals and you attain them, the cash will come – I promise. Continue reading

Credit and Collections Management Software Elimates Your Cash Flow Woes

Many companies struggle to manage their credit and collections activities effectively which is why Credit collections management software  is one of the best investments you can make for your company. The inability to juggle the many tasks associated with credit and collections can lead to severe cash flow problems that could create serious issues and possibly leave you unable to keep up with your company’s financial obligations to suppliers or your employees. Credit and collections management software helps companies of all sizes and across many different industries get a handle on their accounts receivable and allows credit professionals to get back their most critical tasks. Continue reading

Effective A/R Credit and Collections Management

Many companies invest heavily to maintain their equipment or to keep their employees happy but few invest in credit and collections management to protect their largest or second largest asset – their accounts receivable. Effective credit and collections management can reap huge benefits in most businesses ranging from small companies
to larger companies who already have a credit and collections management plan. For example, most small companies don’t have dedicated resources to call on past due accounts. These companies may offer Net 30 terms to customers but it takes them over 60 days to collect on past due receivables. Continue reading

Benefits of Accounts Receivable Management Software

Benefits of accounts receivable management software


There are many benefits to implementing accounts receivable management software  to extend existing accounts receivable functionality and processes. Some of these are reduced transaction costs, improved cash flow and cash forecasting, optimized staff productivity, and reductions in bad debt and write-offs. Companies who automate collections and nothing more are realizing: Continue reading