Forecast Modeling for Sage 500 ERP (MAS 500)

forecast modeling for Sage 500 ERPAccurate demand forecasts are essential for distributors and manufacturers to determine which products to buy or make and how many to keep on hand in order to avoid stock-outs and lost sales Forecast Modeling for Sage 500 ERP from e2b anytime apps helps ensure this information is accurate. An accurate forecast minimizes carrying costs, reduces financial exposure due to high inventory levels, maximizes labor and machine utilization, helps reduce overtime, and minimizes machine setup and tear down. It is very likely that you have Excel on your computer—it‘s a great product, but it’s not designed for forecasting. We have a solution for that. Continue reading

Supply Chain Forecasting: Forecast modeling

forecast modelingThere are basically two ways to generate a supply chain forecast. One is to manually create a supply chain forecast using historical information, previous forecasts, last year’s actual supply chain demand, and input from your marketing and sales team to determine what demand you expect in the future. This is by far the most popular method for creating a forecast – especially in industries where past demand is not indicative of future demand and in make to order environments (such as job shops) where it is difficult, if not impossible to predict what products will be sold. Continue reading