4 MRP/DRP Mistakes That Spell Disaster for Your Supply Chain

Balancing supply and demand is a very hard job and can make life pretty tough for MRP/DRP for Distributors and Manufactures . Often times, despite their best efforts, many supply chain professionals make mistakes. Some of those mistakes can’t be avoided but some can be avoided by implementing MRP/DRP best practices and technology. These tools can help make the best decisions to minimize costs while meeting or exceeding customer expectations. What are some of these common and avoidable mistakes? Continue reading

Cloud MRP Software Boosts Productvity & Keeps Costs Down

cloud MRP softwareFor manufacturers, success is defined (mostly) by how efficient you are.  MRP software has seemingly been around forever, but like anything, it changes with the times and is now a part of the cloud computing movement. Cloud MRP software can not only help you boost productivity, it keeps software costs to a minimum and gives you the visibility you need to know exactly what is happening, when it happens, and how you need to respond so you can manage your operations proactively. Continue reading

Lead Time Calculations | Supply Chain Software & Sage 500 ERP ( MAS 500)

lead time calculationsDetermining lead time is an essential part of any manufacturing or scheduling process and this can be done with the use of lead time calculations. but many times they are not setup properly or the lead times have changed and have never been reviewed. Consider this scenario: A company sources product from a local vendor for an item but then finds a less expensive supplier overseas. The local vendor could deliver the product in 5 days but the international supplier takes 5 months!

This may seem like a wild analogy (and it is) and most companies would realize the problem with this very quickly but what if the difference was just a matter of days?

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MRP Messages: MRP Exception & MRP Action Messages

Why should planners review information when there is no action to take? If there’s nothing wrong with the date or quantity on a purchase order then leave it alone and focus on the actions you need to take to keep your supply chain in balance.MRP Messages are at the  heart of Anytime Supply Chain software including manufacturing work order exception messages, purchase order exception messages, and inventory exception messages and MRP action messages. Continue reading

Cost Reduction for Distributors : 4 Cost Saving Ideas for Wholesale Distribution

Cost Reduction for Distributors is extremely important; there are many ways that distributors can save money and increase revenues. One area in particular that wholesale distributors might want to investigate for cost savings is centered on their supply chain and supply chain inefficiencies.Cost Reduction for Distributors

Cost reduction for distributors: 4 ideas to help you save money while increasing revenue:

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What Is MRP Software? | Material requirements planning software explained

What is Material requirements planning software? 


Material requirements planning software (MRP)  is a very common term used in manufacturing businesses to describe the process of planning manufacturing inventory – what products to make and what items to buy, when, how much, and from who – all based on supply and demand. Continue reading