Completing the Quote to Cash Process With Improved Accounts Receivable Management

There are many steps that go into finalizing the sale of a product or service; there is pricing, then quote creation, negotiation, approvals, and contract and order management. Once all of the work is done to complete each of those steps, the sale is complete… at least as far as your sales team is concerned. But what about the rest of the process? What about the part where you actually get paid?

Once the order is made, an invoice must be sent and payment must be collected; otherwise it’s like the sale never actually happened.  It sounds simple enough, but the final two steps  of the quote to cash process, invoicing and collection, are where many fall short of the completing the cycle. Below are a few tips to help you work through the final steps to quickly complete the quote to cash process.

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Complete the Quote to Cash Cycle with Accounts Receivable Software

You put together a marketing campaign and successfully carried it out using your marketing automation software and CRM. Those marketing efforts brought in a great lead and your sales team nurtured them through the sales cycle with the help of CRM and other systems. Now the prospect is ready to make a purchase and become a customer. Nice! But your work is not done yet. From here you will discuss and agree upon pricing and payment terms, create a quote and contract, manage the order and delivery of the goods/services, draw up and invoice, send it, and receive payment…right?

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