13 Ways Supply Chain Software Grants Better Control and Visibility

Supply chain visibility is, most simply, the ability to see all of the pieces, parts, and components that go into your end product from the beginning of the manufacturing process, all the way to the end consumer. But supply chain visibility is so much more than that. If you can access it, the information gleaned from your supply chain processes can be used throughout your organization to speed up production, increase quality, and cut down on costs. Unfortunately, gaining that insight is tough and without the proper tools it’s downright impossible. Supply chain software allows you not only deep insight into your supply chain, but it also gives you and your stakeholders access to real-time, actionable data on which you can support customers and make strategic decisions to strengthen the supply chain and drive business forward. Continue reading

Considerations for SCM Software and Vendor Selection

SCM softwareChoosing SCM software can be among the most important decisions you make as a logistics manager, but it can also be one of the most overwhelming decisions as well. If you choose the right SCM software you gain insight into your supply chain, avoid stock-outs, improve fulfillment, and maximize your production resources. On the other hand, if  you choose the wrong system, things can very quickly go the other way- so how do you choose the right system? Continue reading

Supply Chain Management Software: 6 Problems That Can Potentially Derail Implementation

Supply Chain Management SoftwareThe best way to handle any situation is to anticipate its arrival- the same holds true in the software world. It should be assumed that any implementation brings with it some level of risk, but knowing what those risks could possibly be will help you proactively manage potential risks and issues before they become so big that they ruin the entire project. Here are 6 factors that commonly affect supply chain management software implementation and how you can steer clear of them. Continue reading

Supply Chain Management: The Right SCM Software Can Change Everything.

Supply chain management is, in short, the art (yes it is an art) of controlling everything from raw  materials and their point of origin to the final point of consumption of your product. This includes all interlinking networks, channels, and management of every member of the supply chain process. Needless to say, it is a tough job and not one to be taken lightly. Nor is it a job to take on without the proper tools.

Supply chain managmenet professionals are faced with a number of problems that need not only a solution, but the solution that will make your process as efficient and cost effective as possible. But what goes into a solid SCM solution and how can it help your company? Continue reading