New Supply Chain Management White Paper Helps Extend Sage MRP/DRP Software Modules for Improved Planning

In a press release published yesterday, e2b anytime apps, developers of Anytime Supply Chain, enterprise-class supply chain management software system, announced the release of the company’s latest supply chain management white paper. The white paper, entitled “Sage MRP/DRP & Anytime Supply Chain Software from A to Z,was written to help manufacturing and distribution companies who use Sage software to extend the Sage MRP/DRP software modules to more effectively manage their supply chain. Continue reading

3 Decision Levels of SCM: How Supply Chain Software Enables Better Choices

supply chain softwareIn an increasingly competitive and complex business environment, every management decision matters. As a manufacturer you know that a well managed supply chain will lay the framework for success while a mismanaged supply chain will quickly send you down the opposite path.  Supply chain software enables manufacturers to make the right decisions quickly and easily, allowing them to manage their supply chain from the purchase of materials, all the way to the end-user. Not only does this technology allow for cost and time efficiency, it enhances the three decision levels of supply chain management process the strategic level, tactical level, and the operational level. Here’s how: Continue reading

4 MRP/DRP Mistakes That Spell Disaster for Your Supply Chain

Balancing supply and demand is a very hard job and can make life pretty tough for MRP/DRP for Distributors and Manufactures . Often times, despite their best efforts, many supply chain professionals make mistakes. Some of those mistakes can’t be avoided but some can be avoided by implementing MRP/DRP best practices and technology. These tools can help make the best decisions to minimize costs while meeting or exceeding customer expectations. What are some of these common and avoidable mistakes? Continue reading

Supply Chain Management: Threats to Visibility and How to Avoid Them

Improving supply chain visibility has always been, and probably will always be, on the top of the to-do list for supply chain leaders, and for good reason. Improved visibility can provide benefits such as optimized inventory, improved forecasting, increased collaboration, and others to help supply chain professionals make strategic decisions. Like so many other important things though, improving supply chain visibility is tough. This is largely due to fact that many companies either do not have access to the data they need or they have trouble analyzing that data to turn it into actionable information on which they can identify, solve, and avoid issues. What are some of the biggest threats to visibility and how can you eliminate them in your business? Continue reading

Considerations for Cloud-Based Supply Chain Software

Most MRP software and DRP systems are installed on your server making it difficult to share this information across different locations or with external users such as customers and vendors. In today’s day and age it is becoming increasingly important for this information to be available to external users. A Cloud-Based Supply Chain Software system can help you quickly and easily share important information with customers, suppliers,  and vendors. Continue reading

Gaining Supply Chain Visibility and Control with Cloud Forecasting

An in depth level of visibility and control is essential to an efficient, effective, and profitable manufacturing business. Unfortunately this is often times easier said than done. But cloud forecasting enables supply chain professionals to have just that and more. Utilizing cloud technology in your supply chain allows you to quickly gain end-to-end visibility in your supply chain and grant you optimal control through automation, real-time data, compliance, and much more so you can focus on innovation and quickly getting your products to market. Continue reading

Supply Chain Management: The Right SCM Software Can Change Everything.

Supply chain management is, in short, the art (yes it is an art) of controlling everything from raw  materials and their point of origin to the final point of consumption of your product. This includes all interlinking networks, channels, and management of every member of the supply chain process. Needless to say, it is a tough job and not one to be taken lightly. Nor is it a job to take on without the proper tools.

Supply chain managmenet professionals are faced with a number of problems that need not only a solution, but the solution that will make your process as efficient and cost effective as possible. But what goes into a solid SCM solution and how can it help your company? Continue reading

Purchase Orders vs. Blanket Purchase Orders | Sage 500 ERP (aka Sage MAS 500)

Purchase Orders vs. Blanket Purchase Orders: A few general accounting systems support blanket purchase orders where a blanket or contract is established with a vendor for a list of items that you will purchase from them over time. In many cases, the blanket purchase order includes contracted quantities for those particular items. Continue reading

Supply Chain Forecasting Options – Demand Adjustments & Fake Sales Orders

Anytime Supply Chain Software & Sage 500 ERP (fka Sage MAS 500) MRP/DRP supply chain forecasting From A to Z:  Supply Chain Forecasting Options – Demand Adjustments & Fake Sales Orders

Chances are that your existing ERP or accounting system does not have a good way for you to forecast demand. Many manufacturers and wholesale distributors have come up with very clever ways of tricking the system to include Supply Chain Forecasting and forecasts. Many of these strategies work but very few of them are ideal. This article focuses on two ways that companies often try to work around the lack of forecasting capabilities in their systems and why these strategies may not be ideal or conducive to effective distribution requirements planning (DRP) in a distribution environment or for material requirements planning (MRP) in a manufacturing environment. Continue reading

Demand Planning, Safety Stock Software, and Lead Time Formulas in Distribution & Manufacturing Environments

Demand Planning, Safety Stock Software, and Lead Time Formulas in Distribution & Manufacturing Environmentsdemand planning

Many people do not know how to forecast inventory demand, how to manage inventory effectively, or how to plan inventory purchases and transfer order forecasts. Some these problems are related to training while others are related to their distribution inventory planning and accounting systems. Continue reading

White Paper Outlines Best Practices in Supply Chain Management for MRP/DRP Planning for Distribution and Manufacturing Supply Chains


June 25, 2013, Chardon, Ohio- e2b teknologies, developers of Anytime Supply Chain, supply chain management software, recently releases,  “23 Common (and Critical) DRP & MRP Mistakes and How to Avoid Them,” a white paper outlining supply chain management best practices around demand forecasting (DRP)  and material planning (MRP)  for distribution and manufacturing supply chains . Continue reading

Sage 500 Inventory Replenishment vs. Sage 500 MRP : Why you might want to use MRP software instead

As mentioned previously, Sage licenses Sage 500 Inventory Replenishment software module when companies purchase the Material Requirements Planning MRP software module and vice versa. But there are differences between the two modules that users need to be aware of as each was intended for different audiences.

Continue reading

Supply Chain Management: Common MRP Mistakes How to Avoid Them

Supply Chain Management:  Common MRP Mistakes How to Avoid Them

Watch The Video Here

There are a list of common MRP mistakes distributors and manufacturers make.  If you are a manufacturer or distributor please watch our recorded webinar to learn Supply Chain Management tips from the experts.  Manufacturers and Distributors have the same problems no matter what products produced or sold: Continue reading

What Is MRP Software? | Material requirements planning software explained

What is Material requirements planning software? 


Material requirements planning software (MRP)  is a very common term used in manufacturing businesses to describe the process of planning manufacturing inventory – what products to make and what items to buy, when, how much, and from who – all based on supply and demand. Continue reading