3 Decision Levels of SCM: How Supply Chain Software Enables Better Choices

supply chain softwareIn an increasingly competitive and complex business environment, every management decision matters. As a manufacturer you know that a well managed supply chain will lay the framework for success while a mismanaged supply chain will quickly send you down the opposite path.  Supply chain software enables manufacturers to make the right decisions quickly and easily, allowing them to manage their supply chain from the purchase of materials, all the way to the end-user. Not only does this technology allow for cost and time efficiency, it enhances the three decision levels of supply chain management process the strategic level, tactical level, and the operational level. Here’s how: Continue reading

13 Ways Supply Chain Software Grants Better Control and Visibility

Supply chain visibility is, most simply, the ability to see all of the pieces, parts, and components that go into your end product from the beginning of the manufacturing process, all the way to the end consumer. But supply chain visibility is so much more than that. If you can access it, the information gleaned from your supply chain processes can be used throughout your organization to speed up production, increase quality, and cut down on costs. Unfortunately, gaining that insight is tough and without the proper tools it’s downright impossible. Supply chain software allows you not only deep insight into your supply chain, but it also gives you and your stakeholders access to real-time, actionable data on which you can support customers and make strategic decisions to strengthen the supply chain and drive business forward. Continue reading

Considerations for SCM Software and Vendor Selection

SCM softwareChoosing SCM software can be among the most important decisions you make as a logistics manager, but it can also be one of the most overwhelming decisions as well. If you choose the right SCM software you gain insight into your supply chain, avoid stock-outs, improve fulfillment, and maximize your production resources. On the other hand, if  you choose the wrong system, things can very quickly go the other way- so how do you choose the right system? Continue reading

Anytime Supply Chain Software Comparison with Sage 500 MRP Software

supply chain softwareAnytime Supply Chain software is the next-generation MRP software and DRP planning software and sale forecasting system for users of Sage 500 ERP. While the system supports most of the same features as the e2b Anytime 500 Enhanced MRP software and e2b Anytime 500 Sales Forecasting software modules – not all functionality has been developed for Anytime Supply Chain software at this time. Below are some of the gaps between the two systems that will be considered for future development over time.

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Kanban vs. MRP |Supply Chain Software & Sage 500 ERP (fka Sage MAS 500)

Kanban vs. MRP Items in Sage 500 ERP (MAS 500)

Many wholesale distributors and manufacturers have embraced lean replenishment software and lean manufacturing software methodologies throughout the years to reduce inventory, reduce stockouts, reduce inventory costs, and to streamline their lean supply chain planning. Continue reading

Engineering Change Order Effectivity Dates & MRP Sofware | Sage 500 MRP software


Engineering Change Order Effectivity Dates & MRP Sofware

Changes made to your bill of material software obviously have an impact on your MRP planning process and DRP planning process. For example, a vendor may notify you that they are replacing a model of their part with another. This will result in the receipt of a new item which will need to be integrated with your new bill of material so you start ordering the new part and planning to use-up existing stock of the old item. Continue reading

Supply Chain Software for Sage 500 ERP (fka Sage MAS 500)

supply chain software for sage 500 erpSupply Chain Software for Sage 500 ERP : Converting Planned Orders to Actual Orders

Many companies use DRP and MRP systems simply to generate a list of orders they need to make (or change, or cancel) in their backoffice accounting or ERP business system. Anytime Supply Chain software for Sage 500 ERP (and others) is a great tool for this manual order creation process as the planner or buyer can simply review the list of orders the system has suggested and they can create the orders manually. Continue reading

Lead Time Calculations | Supply Chain Software & Sage 500 ERP ( MAS 500)

lead time calculationsDetermining lead time is an essential part of any manufacturing or scheduling process and this can be done with the use of lead time calculations. but many times they are not setup properly or the lead times have changed and have never been reviewed. Consider this scenario: A company sources product from a local vendor for an item but then finds a less expensive supplier overseas. The local vendor could deliver the product in 5 days but the international supplier takes 5 months!

This may seem like a wild analogy (and it is) and most companies would realize the problem with this very quickly but what if the difference was just a matter of days?

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Reduce Manufacturing Costs: 4 Cost Saving Ideas for Manufacturers

There are many ways that manufacturers can increase revenues and reduce manufacturing costs but one area in particular that manufacturers should investigate for cost savings is based on their manufacturing and distribution supply chain and supply chain inefficiencies.

here are 4 ways you can reduce manufacturing costs in your business: Continue reading

e2b anytime apps Announces Anytime Supply Chain Software for Intuit QuickBooks, Sage 100 ERP, Sage 500 ERP, and Intacct Financials

Chardon, OH  May 09, 2013- e2b anytime apps, a division of e2b teknologies, announced today the release of Anytime Supply Chain, a supply chain management suite for Intuit’s QuickBooks, Sage 100 ERP (fka Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200), Sage 500 ERP (fka Sage MAS 500), and Intacct Financials. The cloud solution is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription for distributors and manufacturers who need a better way to plan purchase orders and manufacturing work orders. Continue reading