The Components of Supply Chain Management (SCM)

elements of Supply Chain ManagementPowerful supply chain management software has built in components that allow it to streamline all of your complex supply chain processes. The components of supply chain management vary depending on what a business needs and what a software solution offers, however there are a few pillars that remain steadfast across the best solutions. These are pillars such as distribution requirements planning (DRP), material requirements planning (MRP), Bill of Material, Sales Forecasting, Production Entry, and integration to your ERP.

 We’ve developed an infographic to provide you with rich detail into these vital elements of supply chain management software. The infographic is called “The Heart of Supply Chain Management” and it dives deep into the real guts of what a supply chain management solution needs to offer in order to be successful. To say the least, we think these SCM components are bloody important to run a successful supply chain. To see the infographic, click this link!

What makes us so knowledgeable about supply chain management software? Well, we just happen to develop such software. Our solution, Anytime Supply Chain, comes complete with capabilities for production entry, sales forecasting, costing, MRP, DRP, and bill of material. It also combines with our B2B ecommerce solution, Anytime Commerce, to extend your accounting system’s order entry capabilities for online sales orders. Anytime Supply Chain integrates with most popular ERP systems, including Sage ERP, Epicor ERP, Intacct Financials, and QuickBooks.

Not sure about which components are the most necessary to run your supply chain? Talk to us, and we’ll be sure to find the right solution for your business. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what others are saying about our solutions:

“e2b consultants are very helpful, and they are exactly what we were looking for in a technology partner – especially given their deep manufacturing knowledge and success working with larger, complex implementations like ours. They understand the software, they take the time to understand our business, and everything is working wonderfully. It was a very good experience from start to finish.” 

-Apryll LaHaye, Controller, American Electric Technologies

The components of Supply Chain Management

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