The growing importance of social media for ecommerce

Ecommerce software is quickly becoming the preferred format for conducting business. More retailers than ever before are adopting online resources to present their products and services to customers. With the growth of online business, a premium has been placed on identifying the best ways to engage potential clients. Recent studies suggest one of the most influential mediums for customer behavior is the social media sphere. By directing their marketing efforts toward these communities, ecommerce businesses stand to increase their potential customer base.

One characteristic of social media users that makes them an appealing target for ecommerce companies is their predilection for online shopping compared to other demographics. According to a report on social media trends issued by Nielsen, 70 percent of active adult social network participants purchase products and services from digital storefronts. That figure is 12 percent higher than the average adult internet user.

It is no secret that consumers have developed more skeptical attitudes toward advertising campaigns. According to some figures compiled by Hubspot, 75 percent of people in the United States do not accept advertisements as statements of truth. However, people are more likely to believe recommendations made in a social media environment. Seventy percent of shoppers trust other consumers' opinions. In addition, social media participants have significant influence over the purchasing decisions made by other users. Shoppers are reportedly 71 percent more likely to buy a product if it is referred to them via social media.

Social media sites offer ecommerce businesses a fantastic platform to communicate with customers and spread brand awareness. By targeting users with a strong degree of influence within the community, companies can significantly widen their customer pool. With the resources provided by quality ecommerce software, businesses will have all the tools they need to engage in an effective social media marketing campaign.

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