Demystifying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for B2B Companies


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Join e2b teknologies and Company 119  for 30 minutes to learn why you need SEO, why your current plan is not working, how you can improve your SEO tactics and results, learn best practces and much more !

  • Do you currently have an SEO plan in place for you B2B company? if the answer is “no”- you need to attend
  • Cant figure out why your competitors are better at SEO than you are?  if the answer is “yes”- you need to attend
  • Are you using simple SEO tactics to get your website ranked on google, yahoo, bing, and other major search engines? if the anser is “no”- you need to attend
  • Are you getting qualified leads from that your traffic? if the answer is “no” or ” I dont know”- you need to attend


SEO for ecommerce

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