your B2B eCommerce Site: Should You Be Advertising with Google Adwords & Other Pay Per Click (PPC) Sites to Drive Traffic?

Getting traffic to your B2B e-commerce site: tips and strategies from industry professionals.

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A common issue we hear is the recognition that competitors, maybe with inferior products/services, are beating companies on Google or Yahoo. Businesses understand that with less than optimal rankings on major search engines, opportunities are being wasted. Sound familiar?

Have you considered Pay Per Click Advertising as a way to get your business the extra exposure you need and get more traffic to you B2B e-commerce site? Join Company 119, online marketing experts,  for this 30 minute webinar to learn the ins and outs of PPC advertising for B2B’s and how you can get started.

Common benefits of PPC and other SEO advertising efforts include:
Improved Search Visibility
Reduced Costs
Maximized Return on Ad Spend
Keyword Targeting results in effective and targeted messaging
Reinforced branding
Increased Click Through Rates
And more

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