Ways to make ecommerce product pages better

Whether an online retailer is selling consumer products for the holiday season or working year-round as a business-to-business company, it is important to have an ecommerce site with good descriptions of what is being sold, according to a recent guest post on Forbes. Ecommerce software can be a great way to make sure that everything is working well and in its right place on the website.

The first suggestion of the Forbes article is to front-load ecommerce sites to make sure people get all the important information right away.

"You might want to include a short bulleted list of features before the blurb itself," the Forbes contributor wrote. "Whatever the format, make sure the details are easy to find. [One company] includes tabs below the main description: an overview, tech specs (what comes with the product, size and weight, camera and input/output info, and lots more), a photo gallery, and a model comparison chart. It’s a good solution for product descriptions that contain a lot of info."

Other ways to make sure product descriptions are effective include:

- Cut out unnecessary words, sentences and parts of each description to make them shorter
- Never recycle from other websites, businesses or parts of the company's website
- Always be thinking of what the customer will want to see from the description

Econsultancy said another great idea is to include customer reviews somewhere on the product page. This is likely easy for those that do business-to-consumer sales, but B2B companies can ask companies they've worked with to tell them a bit about their experience and use that as a website review if the customer approves.

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