What kind of companies do well with B2B ecommerce software?

You have all heard the hype about B2B ecommerce software and the many benefits it can b2b ecommerce softwarehave for any B2B company looking into selling online. If you have been reading our ecommerce blog articles, you know that it is a growing market and has already become bigger than B2C and has nowhere to go but up. You know it has already changed many things and promises only to change the business world ever more- and you think you need it; But how can you be sure that B2B ecommerce will mesh well with your company?

B2B ecommerce software has been designed to fit the special needs of business to business companies and is flexible enough to adapt to pretty much any process- no matter how complex. Odds are, your company and your processes would be nicely complimented by online selling- but just to give you a little more confidence, here are a few common B2B situations that have (and will) flourish after implementing B2B ecommerce software:

• Do your customer segments and product lines have ecommerce potential?
a. This is true for many companies, some examples include: high volume or repetitive              sales
• Do your internal processes lend themselves well to ecommerce?
a. Some examples include
• Quote management
• Contract pricing
• Channel partner support
• Purchase order processing
• Order approvals
• Cross selling/up selling
• Licensing
• Renewals
• Reactivation
And more!
• Are your back office systems necessary and involved in many, if not all, of your processes- such as your ERP, CRM, shipping, etc.
a. With the right B2B ecommerce solution you can integrate those back-office                    systems with your online sales and make the entire selling process fast and easier            than ever before.
Of course there are many other processes and internal activities that will factor into your final B2B ecommerce decision- this is just a brief list to get you started as you evaluate if ecommerce is plausible for your business. It probably is, so if you need more information do not hesitate to ask us!

by: Jeanne Lee

B2B eCommerce

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