What’s New in Anytime Collect Accounts Receivable Credit and Collections Management Version


  • January 2, 2013
  • 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM EST

Come see the brand new Anytime Collect Dashboard, Customer Portal, Automated Reports, and other new features to improve your business to business (B2B) accounts receivable management and credit and collections workflow. The new dashboard and portal were completely rewritten and redesigned in HTML and replaces the previous SilverLight technologies that only supported Microsoft Internet Explorer. Highlights for the new release include:

-Track days sales outstanding (DSO) trends for the past six months

-Credit reps and sales reps can now add notes online that are pushed back into Anytime Collect

-Sales reps can see their account information online without having to launch Anytime Collect

-Users can review more information online – payments, invoices, communications, and so much more

-Your customers can now see more information online from the customer self-service portal. View payments, request copies of invoices, and print point-in-time statements.

-Use Alerts and Rules to automatically send reports to companies in various credit classes. E.g., auto send reminders when invoices are within 3 days of the due date and no payment has been received.